FACE-IT at Arctic Frontiers 2024

29 January to 01 February 2024

Arctic Frontiers 2024 will take place in Tromsø, Norway, where our partners from the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research are located. Evidently, many of the local colleagues are involved in the organization of sessions and present their research and also FACE-IT will, thus, be represented.


The following FACE-IT members are involved in the organization and curation of the seven science sessions:


Moreover FACE-IT research will be presented in two oral presentations:

  • Luisa Düsedau (Alfred Wegener Institute): Novel molecular assessment of marine macroalgae from two Arctic fjords reveals a high proportion of cryptic biodiversity.
  • Pedro Duarte (Norwegian Polar Institute): The impacts of tidewater glacier retreat on functioning of Arctic fjords: observations and modeling.


Photo: Simon Jungblut (University of Bremen)

People involved