FACE-IT works in seven different Arctic fjords: Godthåbsfjord, Disko Bay, and Young Sound in Greenland; Kongsfjorden, Isfjorden, and Inglefieldbukta/Storfjorden in Svalbard; as well as Porsangerfjorden in Finnmark, Norway.

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Adaptation and acclimation processes of Arctic seaweeds and macrozoobenthos of Porsangerfjorden

In summer 2022, a group of scientists of the University of Bremen and the Alfred Wegener Institute investigated the biochemical capacities and reactions to changing temperatures in benthic key species of the Porsangerfjord. We stayed at the…

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Biodiversity and biomass of the intertidal and shallow subtidal seaweeds of Porsangerfjorden

In summer 2022, a team of 4 scientists specialized on seaweeds (from Germany, Norway and Canada) undertook an expedition to the Holmfjorden Research Station of the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research at the Porsangerfjord. Over a time period of…

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Cryosphere reduction and related shifts in Arctic biodiversity

The Ny-Ålesund research station has a long tradition in international and interdisciplinary research cooperation, which has been fostered by the ever-increasing interaction within and between the four flagship programs operated by NySMaC. One…

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