FACE-IT produced several brochures to be used as outreach material for various event, workshops etc. Feel free to download the matieral here, if you would like to inform about FACE-IT. We are happy to help out with more information in case you are planning a bigger event.

An introduction to FACE-IT

The “Constructive Reporting” students of the University of Bremen also produced this FACE-IT brochure about our aims, study sites and research areas.

Learning to Manage Changing Fjords

FACE-IT aims to co-produce knowledge to enable adaptive co-management in changing Arctic socio-ecological fjord systems. To support the local stakeholder workshops, a brochure was designed to explain the social science components of the project.







Arctic biodiversity, climate and food security

This brochure was designed jointly by the projects ECOTIP, CHARTER and FACE-IT on occasion of their joint policy briefing in Brussels on 15 March 2023.