FACE-IT provides selected press material and photos for interested science journalists as well as links to all online material mentioning the project. If you need high resolution photos, please request including a brief explanation of your envisaged media product.

The Project Manager of FACE-IT, Dr. Simon Jungblut, is happy to direct journalists and media representatives to the best suitable scientists within the project.

  • +49 (0)421 218 63054
  • +49 (0)176 788 68 519

FACE-IT in the Media


Logos are provided in black fill, blue fill and no fill.

This logo may not be modified in any way. The recommended color variations are provided below. To download the logo, click on the link to the right of each variation. To download PNG files, and select the save option.

The print version is best suitable for print production including printing on promotional items.

The screen format (jpg or png) is the best choice for use with Computer programs (e.g. Word, Powerpoint) and can also be used for websites or other screen purposes.

Send logo questions, comments or different file format requests to ed.ne1721349483merb-1721349483inu@t1721349483ulbgn1721349483uj1721349483

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