FACE-IT Data access app

The FACE-IT Data access app allows to explore the existing numerical data in the FACE-IT study fjords. Users can explore what data are available per fjord and will get a preliminary visual on the chosen data frame.

Access to the FACE-IT data access app

FACE-IT Meta-database

The FACE-IT Meta-database allows users to explore the existing data for the comparison of different fjord systems. The database links to the datasets on varoius repositories and is structured along the FACE-IT fjord systems.

Access to the FACE-IT Meta-database

A dataset for investigating socio-ecological changes in Arctic fjords

This publication of Robert W. Schlegel & Jean-Pierre Gattuso presents the extensive data collection that are accessible through the FACE-IT Data access app and the FACE-IT Meta-database.

Schlegel & Gattuso (2023)

Drivers of change in Arctic fjord socio-ecological systems: Examples from the European Arctic

This publication led by the FACE-IT data scienctist Robert W. Schlegel is the first transdisciplinary synthesis of the interactions between the drivers of change in Arctic fjord systems.

Schlegel et al. (2023)