FACE-IT is led by the Coordinator, Kai Bischof, who is responsible for the project and overall communication with the European Commission. He is supported by the Project Manager Simon Jungblut.

The Executive Board is the forum for all decisions to be made for the overall project and surveying the research interactions. It oversees the whole project, addresses potential disputes or conflicts, ensure the ethical guidelines are followed, make decisions across the board, and represents the project to the EU.

The Scientific Steering Committee advises on the overall scientific policy, direction and management of the project- It consists of the Executive Board and the Work Package Leaders.

The International Scientific Advisory Board consists of internationally recognised specialists, who advise on the progress of the project and its reports. The four members are one expert from each of the fields of Data Science, Biodiversity, Polar Ecosystem Function, and Social Sciences.

Management Team

Executive Board

Work Package Leaders