Institute of Marine Research

Bergen & Tromsø, Norway

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Our role in the project

The Institute of Marine Research is the largest national institute in Norway and works under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. One of its main tasks is to provide data, research and advice for sustainable use of the marine environment and its resources. The Institute of Marine Research is head of the infrastructure NMDC funded by the Research Council of Norway. It carries out annual cruises monitoring the ecosystem from plankton to whales and has an international key role in developing tools for assessing impacts of various stressors in the high north. The institute specifically contributes and works on data on commercial fish and invertebrates in Porsangerfjorden (Finnmark, Norway), which contributes to the FACE-IT research on food provision and livelihoods and also drives the concluding transdisciplinary synthesis. Plankton and CTD data from the Institute of Marine Research will be used in the modelling approaches of Porsangerfjorden regarding biodiversity and ecosystem function changes.

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