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Bremen, Germany

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Our role in the project

The Department of Marine Botany of the University of Bremen is the coordinating institution and principal investigator of FACE-IT. It has long standing experience and expertise in marine ecological research in the Arctic. Besides the tasks in the management of the project and the dissemination of its outcomes, the Marine Botany Department of the University of Bremen will focus on research on benthic primary producers representing the very base of the food web of coastal ecosystems and acting as habitat providing ecosystem engineers of utmost importance to ecosystem function. It, thus, contributes significantly to the research conducted on biodiversity and ecosystem function changes. With the focus on seaweeds, which do also represent an alternative food source, aquaculture product and, thus, alternative source of income, the research of the University of Bremen also bears high significance to research on food provision and livelihoods and it contributes to the transdisciplinary synthesis. As the University of Bremen runs the largest educational program in marine sciences at German Universities, it is also in a central position for the implementation of results into education of students and to the dissemination to the general public. Furthermore, PANGAEA – Data Publisher for Earth and Life Sciences is hosted at the University of Bremen and will provide critical service to data management within FACE-IT.

People involved