All FACE-IT datasets are also part of the FACE-IT Data access app and the FACE-IT Meta-database, which are described at the databases page.


The information system PANGAEA is an Open Access library that archives, publishes and distributes all kinds of georeferenced data from earth system research. It is the prima partner for publishing datasets created within FACE-IT.

Access to the FACE-IT datasets at PANGAEA


At the repository ZENODO, the community “FACE-IT: The future of Arctic coastal ecosystems – Identifying transitions in fjord systems and adjacent coastal areas” holds datasets created within the project but also many publications, presentations and brochures.

Access to the FACE-IT Community at ZENODO

Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) Database

Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) is an integrated monitoring and long-term research programme, especially focussing on Greenland. All Greenlandic and Danish institutitions working in Greenland are publishing their datasets in this repository and long-term datasets are updated yearly.

Access to the GEM Database

Norwegian Polar Data Centre

The Norwegian Polar Data Centre is the data repository of our FACE-IT partner, the Norwegian Polar Institute. All datasets of the Norwegian Polar Institute are being published within this repository and are openly accessible, unless restricted by a temporary embargo to facilitate publication.

Access to the Norwegian Polar Data Centre


FACE-IT Data access app

The FACE-IT Data access app allows to explore the existing numerical data in the FACE-IT study fjords. Users can explore what data are available per fjord and will get a preliminary visual on the chosen data frame.

Access to the FACE-IT data access app

FACE-IT Meta-database

The FACE-IT Meta-database allows users to explore the existing data for the comparison of different fjord systems. The database links to the datasets on varoius repositories and is structured along the FACE-IT fjord systems.

Access to the FACE-IT Meta-database

A dataset for investigating socio-ecological changes in Arctic fjords

This publication of Robert W. Schlegel & Jean-Pierre Gattuso presents the extensive data collection that are accessible through the FACE-IT Data access app and the FACE-IT Meta-database.

Schlegel & Gattuso (2023)

Drivers of change in Arctic fjord socio-ecological systems: Examples from the European Arctic

This publication led by the FACE-IT data scienctist Robert W. Schlegel is the first transdisciplinary synthesis of the interactions between the drivers of change in Arctic fjord systems.

Schlegel et al. (2023)