FACE-IT joins workshop of the Svalbard Social Science Initiative

[Published 29 May 2024]


In the frame of the Arctic Congress in Bodø (29 May – 03 June 2024), the Svalbard Social Science Initiative SSSI organized the second of a series of workshops entitled “Building transdisciplinary bridges for sustainable Svalbard and Arctic development”. FACE-IT colleague Julia Olsen (Nord University) led the workshop organization and the corresponding research project.

The FACE-IT researchers Geir Wing Gabrielsen (Norwegian Polar Institute), Ragnhild Freng Dale (Western Norway Research Institute) and Simon Jungblut (University of Bremen) joined the workshop and actively participated in the discussions.

The aim of the workshops and the discussion is a joint manuscript on the future of transdisciplinary research in Svalbard.



The Svalbard Social Science Initiative

The Svalbard Social Science Initiative, in short SSSI, is an association of social science, humanities and arts-based researchers working with a wide range of issues on the archipelago of Svalbard. This platform seeks to help coordinate research activities and communication with the local community.

Get more information on the SSSI homepage.



Photos: Simon Jungblut (University of Bremen), Alexandra Meyer (University of Vienna), and Julia Olsen (Nord University)

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