The 2024 EU Arctic Forum, Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue and EU-Arctic Youth Dialogues

14 to 15 May 2024

Recordings: Event Homepage of the European CommissionEvent Program

FACE-IT and its open ocean partner project ECOTIP attended this years edition of the “EU Arctic Forum, Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue and EU-Arctic Youth Dialogues”, which took place in Brussels, Belgium on 14 and 15 May 2024.

Next to the sessions on stage, the breaks left much time to connect to other participants of the forum. At the EU Polar Cluster booth, the new joint FACE-IT-ECOTIP-CHARTER info and research gap sheets were displayed and a inherent part of discussions.

The sessions included many important aspects of Arctic life and research:

EU Arctic Forum

  • The EU in the Arctic: an expanded outlook
  • Thriving Arctic ecosystems
  • The way forward for Arctic entrepreneurship and sustainability
  • Emergency Management in the Arctic
  • Research in and for the Arctic

Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue

  • Diverse, Just and Inclusive Arctic Societies
  • Resources in the Arctic
  • Weaving indigenous and traditional knowledge into international processes

EU-Arctic Youth Dialogues

  • The first EU Arctic Youth Dialogue from a youth perspective: Impressions, outcomes and policy recommendations
  • Youth engagement in action
  • Including youth recommendations in policymaking
  • Conclusion: Dialogue with the youth – how can the EU ensure that youth recommendations developed during Arctic Youth Dialogues impact policies?

All sessions of the event have been webstreamed and recorded and can be viewed on the event homepage of the European Commission.


Photos: Simon Jungblut

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