FACE-IT at the 2024 European Polar Science Week

03 to 06 September 2024

FACE-IT will engage in the 2024 European Polar Science Week, taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 03 to 06 September 2024. This conference is a joint venture between the European Commission and the European Space Agency aiming to strengthen the cooperations in polar sciences. FACE-IT will contribute two sessions and many more colleagues are involved in other sessions, check out below.

Registration to the 2024 European Polar Science Week will be open until 31 July 2024. Register here!


Parallel Session 2 – Studying and Managing Arctic Tourism in Transition

Wednesday, 4 September, 9:00 – 10:30, Room “Blixen” at The Black Diamond

Chairs: Halvor Dannevig (Western Norway Research Institute), Carina Ren (Aalborg University)

  • Anna G. Sveinsdóttir: “Sustainable tourism in the Arctic: Examining the potential for adaptive tourism governance in Svalbard and Greenland”
  • Ragnhild F. Dale: “Contested wilderness – identifying competing narratives about Svalbard futures”
  • Julia Olsen: “Comparison and cross-case learning in Arctic cruise tourism?”
  • Carina Ren: “Climate change and tourism in Greenland – friction, opportunism and everyday concerns?”
  • Kristin Løseth: “Socio-ecological perspectives expedition cruise tourism management in Svalbard”
  • Halvor Dannevig: “Melting ice and last chance tourism – an opportunity for greenwashing or transformation?”


Parallel Session 9 – From ice sheets to oceans: a comprehensive view of Arctic freshwater fluxes

Wednesday, 4 September, 14:30 – 16:00, DAC Room at the Danish Architecture Centre

  • Johanna Holding: “Ecosystem perspectives on freshwater fluxes in Arctic fjords – results from EU project FACE-IT”


Parallel Session 13 – Towards a three-dimensional monitoring of Greenlandic Marine Ecosystems

Thursday, 5 September, 09:00 – 10:30, The Queen’s Hall, at The Black Diamond

Chairs: Rafael Gonçalves-Araujo (DTU Aqua), Thomas Juul-Pedersen (GINR)

  • Thomas Juul-Pedersen: “In situ monitoring of Greenlandic waters”


Parallel Session 16 – Developing the Atlantic-Arctic Distributed Biological Observatory (A-DBO): Improved observational capacity in the high Arctic

Thursday, 5 September, 11:00 – 12:30, The Queen’s Hall, at The Black Diamond

  • Mikael Sejr: “The Polar Ocean Mitigation Potential (POMP) project and the A-DBO”


Parallel Session 21 – Arctic biodiversity at a crossroads – Research directions along the land-coast-ocean continuum

Thursday, 5 September, 14:30 – 16:00, DAC Room at the Danish Architecture Centre

This session is a collaboration between FACE-IT and its partner projects CHARTER and ECOTIP.

Chairs: Simon Jungblut (University of Bremen), Bruce Forbes (University of Lapland)

  • Marja Koski: “Biodiversity and carbon sequestration in the Arctic seas”
  • Kai Bischof: “The collapsing coastal cryosphere: Consequences from ecology to economics”
  • Mariana García Criado: “Shifting social-ecological systems, limits to adaptation and biodiversity in a warming tundra biome”
  • Annett Bartsch: “Changes of the cryosphere and linkages to space observable biodiversity indicators”
  • Larissa Lorinczi: “Protecting the vulnerable Arctic biodiversity and EU perspective”

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