FACE-IT attending workshop of the European Commission and the European Space Agency

22 - 24 November 2023

FACE-IT will be represented at the upcoming workshop of the EC-ESA Joint Earth System Science Initiative. This initiative was started by the European Commission and the European Space Agency in January 2020 and aims at joining forces to advance Earth System Science. As an EU-funded polar research project, we are happy to join this initiative. The project managing team Kai Bischof and Simon Jungblut (both (University of Bremen) will be present in Frascati, Italy, in the premises of ESA-ESRIN for a workshop. In the research presentation part of the workshop, Kai and Simon will present in total one invited talk and four research posters:


Invited talk: 

Kai Bischof & Simon Jungblut (both University of Bremen)

“Ecological and societal implications of cryosphere reduction: Insights from the FACE-IT project”, presented by Kai Bischof


Research posters: 

Kai Bischof (University of Bremen), Julien Lebel (Nordland Research Institute) and Simon Jungblut (University of Bremen)

“FACE-IT: Developing adaptive co-management of Arctic fjords in transition”, presented by Kai Bischof


Sarina Niedzwiedz and Kai Bischof (both University of Bremen)

“Glacial run-off opposes Arctic kelp expansion”, presented by Kai Bischof


Simon Jungblut (University of Bremen), Jessica Niklass (The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø), Markus Brand (Alfred Wegener Institute), Christian Buschbaum (Alfred Wegener Institute), Martin Paar (University of Rostock), Inka Bartsch (Alfred Wegener Institute), Markus Molis (The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø)

“Historical changes in biomass, total abundance, and species composition of seaweed associated fauna in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard”, presented by Simon Jungblut


Marie Koch (Alfred Wegener Institute), Simon Jungblut (University of Bremen), Reinhard Saborowski (Alfred Wegener Institute)

“Sea urchins as keystone species in the fjords under the impact of Arctic warming”, presented by Simon Jungblut


Photos: Simon Jungblut (University of Bremen)

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