Invitation to Greenland Marine Research Seminar

[Published 01 September 2023]


The Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR), partner in the FACE-IT project, invites to a Greenland Marine Research Seminar in the frame of the Greenland Science Week Nuuk (6-10 November 2023).

The seminar will take place on 7 November 2023, 10:00 – 12:30 with a subsequent seminar lunch.

Location: Greenland institute of Natural Resources, Conference Room 1st floor, Kivioq 2, Nuuk


Understanding climate and biodiversity changes in the Arctic remains high on international research agendas. The fjords and seas around Greenland and their importance and impact on society are included in multiple research projects. Being a key partner in EU and North American projects, the Greenlandic Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) invites stakeholders and interested parties to engage with three on-going projects.


Research activities to be presented and discussed include:

  • Learning from local and indigenous knowledge – understanding fishery impacts and policy needs.
  • The future perspective and societal impact of changes fjords in Greenland and North-Atlantic.
  • Documenting environmental change at Davis Strait, a gateway between the Arctic and subpolar North Atlantic, and understanding impacts on southern Baffin Bay marine ecosystems.

GINR hosts a seminar lunch at 12.30 – 13.00 for signed-up participants. The seminar is open to all, but seats are limited. To register in advance for seminar and lunch, please write Thomas Juul-Pedersen before October 1st: lg.ru1718669868tan@e1718669868pht1718669868


The seminar is hosted by GINR in cooperation with visiting international researchers from:


Please note, that it is possible to stay at GINR and participate in an afternoon workshop (13.00 – 16.00, per registration only), on Priorities for Future Marine Research in East Greenland. For information and registration for this event please contact Søren Post: lg.ru1718669868tan@o1718669868pos1718669868



Photos: Thomas Juul-Pedersen & Simon Jungblut

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