Invitation: Workshop on sustainable Arctic cruise tourism development in Nuuk, Greenland

[Published 02 November 2023]


“Cruise trouble”: How to sustainably develop Arctic cruise tourism?

Join our seminar to learn about how different Arctic destinations cope with cruise tourism and how cruise tourism impacts communities and the environment. Share your views on whether or how to include more voices in the development of cruise tourism in Greenland.

The seminar is open for tourism operators, destination companies, policy makers, NGOs, students and members of the public. The event will be held in English. The event will be streamed online.


Location: Auditorium, Ilisimatusarfik
Date & Time: Monday 6 November, 13:00-15:00




Contact and questions

Carina Ren (Aalborg University): kd.ua1716024703a.lki1716024703@ner1716024703



13.00-13.05: Welcome and program presentation (Carina Ren, Aalborg University)
13.05-13.20: What is the situation and where are we going with cruise tourism in Greenland? (Helene Lyberth Steffensen, Visit Greenland)
13.20-13.40: Learning within and across Arctic cruise communities: Alta, Lofoten & Nuuk (Hin Heemstra & Julia Olsen, NORD University and Laura James, Aalborg University)
13.40-13.50: Coping with cruise in Ilulissat during and after Covid-19 (Lill Rastad Bjørst, Aalborg University)
13.50-14.00: Ecosystem Based Management of shipping in Greenland (Karl Zinglersen, Greenland Institute of Natural Ressources).
14.00-14.30: Panel debate –what needs to happen moving forward with cruise? Moderator Carina Ren (Aalborg University)
14.20-14.55: Open floor discussion w/ coffee
14.55-15.00: Recap and goodbye


Photos: from the “Sustainable Arctic Cruise Communities Nuuk Case Report” (ISBN: 978-87-89383-97-2), published by Aalborg University

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