FACE-IT Scenario Workshop in Nuuk, Greenland

[Published 06 June 2022]


On 26 August 2022, FACE-IT will be hosting a scenario workshop in Nuuk, Greenland, inviting stakeholders of the Nuup Kangerlua fjord to explore how climate change and other factors might affect the  fjord and its future value for fishing and hunting, tourism, recreation and other activities.

The Nuuk workshop is the first of three scenario workshops to involve local actors in the co-production of knowledge about the future of Arctic fjords, where the other two workshops will focus on Porsanger and Svalbard. In charge of the workshops across cases is Annika E. Nilsson (Nordland Research Institute). The Nuuk workshop is co-hosted by Lill Rastad Bjørst (Aalborg University), Carina Ren (Aalborg University), and Tobias Reiner Vonnahme (Greenland Institute of Natural Resources), who all have experience with collaborative workshops in a Greenlandic setting.

After the Nuuk workshop, several members of the FACE-IT team will attend the Arctic Circle Greenland Forum. This year’s title is “Greenland in the Global Arctic” and the focus is “Climate and Prosperity” and “Geopolitics and Progress”. The Forum is organized in cooperation with Naalakkersuisut – The Government of Greenland.

People involved