Towards a Unifying Pan-Arctic Perspective of the Contemporary and Future Arctic Ocean

[Published 1 August 2021]

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Since 2002 the pan-arctic integration symposia has attempted to figure out how the Arctic Ocean can be understood as an independent, mediterranean type ocean and node of the Northern Hemisphere. In order to overcome the sectorial approaches that characterize research the intention has been to add to the pan-arctic comprehension of the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seas. So far three volumes on pan-arctic integration have been published:

Wassmann, P. (2006). Structure and function of contemporary food webs on Arctic shelves: a pan-Arctic comparison. Progress in Oceanography 71: 123-477

Wassmann, P. (2011). Arctic Marine Ecosystems in an Era of Rapid Climate Change. Progress in Oceanography 90: 1- 131.

Wassmann, P. (2015). Overarching perspectives of contemporary and future ecosystems in the Arctic Ocean. Progress in Oceanography 135: 1-271

We invite contributions to the Research Topic ‘Towards a unifying pan-Arctic perspective of the contemporary and future Arctic Ocean’ that firstly address work that focuses either upon the entire Arctic Ocean or not well understood regions/ecosystems that play a significant role. General processes that contribute to a holistic understanding of the Arctic Ocean are also welcome. Contributions from several traditionally separately operating nations in the Arctic Ocean and adjacent regions are also welcome. The main goal of the research topic is to further understand the Arctic Mediterranean that can only be understood by integrating knowledge derived from the south-north sectors in which research traditionally is carried out. The goal of the volume, which merits are comprised upon the single contributions, are the holistic aspects that derive between the papers. In order to understand the Arctic Ocean (engirdled by vast land masses and wide shelves and through advection strongly entangled into the North Pacific and Atlantic Oceans), Pan-Arctic integration is inevitable.

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