Official Start of FACE-IT

[Published 2. November 2020]


With November 1, 2020, we started the EU project FACE-IT (“The Future of Arctic coastal ecosystems – Identifying transitions in fjord systems and adjacent coastal areas”). FACE-IT is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Kai Bischof and Dr. Simon Jungblut from the University of Bremen. Marine Botany Group at the Department of Biology/Chemistry of the University of Bremen and compares Arctic fjord systems at different stages of glacial and sea-ice retreat in Greenland, Svalbard and the Norwegian Finmark.

FACE-IT brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts from the natural and social sciences from 14 institutions and eight nations. The project team is also characterized by a strong involvement of the indigenous population and other local actors in the Arctic.

The project with a duration of four years and a budget of 6.4 million euros is intended to provide the first large-scale systematic comparison of changes in the biodiversity of the Arctic seas and the livelihoods of human inhabitants in Arctic coastal areas.

The two project coordinators Kai Bischof (left) and Simon Jungblut (right) on the day of the official start of FACE-IT